For Amazon Sellers

With every passing day, the Amazon marketplace becomes a more competitive place. As an Amazon seller myself, I understand that on a deep level. Just when you think you’re on top, they change the rules or another competitor comes in to scoop your sales.

But one thing that will never change is that good copy sells.  Savvy Amazon shoppers have high expectations when it comes to listing quality. They want to be informed, engaged and, most of all, persuaded to buy your product over all the others.

And though you’re undoubtedly the #1 expert on your products, you may need a little help translating that knowledge and passion to the page. Not to worry though, that’s my forte!

I will take the time to intimately learn the unique features and benefits of your products, check out the competitors and craft engaging and persuasive copy that converts. To get an idea of my writing style, head over to the portfolio page to see other listings I’ve written.

Package 1: 

  • Title
  • 5 Bullets
  • Description – Copy Only
    • $300 per product

Package 2:

  • Title
  • 5 Bullets
  • Enhanced Brand Content copy & images
    • $400 per product

Package 3:

  • Brand Storefront images copy & images
  • 3 product videos
    • $400 for storefront with 3 products including promo video for each
    •  +$75 for each additional product

Influencer Outreach

I have hundreds of hours of experience in influencer outreach for Amazon private label products. In that time, I’ve tested and refined excellent copy that has a huge response rate and will help you to get your products featured on relevant blogs, websites and social media channels with thousands of followers who are in your target demographic.

I provide you with:

  • Email copy for your initial outreach
  • Copy for the response email you’ll send to those who send positive responses.
  • Follow-up email copy to send to those who don’t respond within a few days.
  • Email copy to send a week after an influencer has received your product sample.
  • A spreadsheet that contains the influencer’s website or social channel and contact information.

From there, you can easily shoot out copy-and-paste emails to the whole list manually or with an auto e-mail program and wait for the positive responses to start rolling in!

  • All email copy and a list of 20 influencers – $200
  • All email copy and a list of 35 Influencers – $300
  • All email copy and a list of 50 Influencers – $400