3 Key Benefits of Hiring a Marketer in Your Hood

A marketer who lives hundreds or thousands of miles away from you can certainly take care of your marketing needs. But the question is, how connected will they really be to your business?

While I’ve had success in helping clients in other, faraway cities, I always come back to the idea that marketing should be hyper local and personal. That’s exactly why I’m looking to work with clients whose businesses are located right here in my wonderful little neighborhood of Ukrainian Village, Chicago.

Ukie VillHere’s why I think that a local connection between you and your marketer will benefit your business…

1. Vibes Matter

The very best way for someone to know and faithfully represent your business is to actually experience what it’s like to be your customer – get a drink at your bar, have dinner at your restaurant or book a manicure at your salon.

If I’m able to spend time in your place of business, I can observe all kinds of cool things that will inform the way I market to current and  potential new customers. If we were to simply talk on the phone, I might not know that your store smells like lavender or that you have a special way of making customers feel like new friends.

It’s these sort of details that make your business special, but you probably wouldn’t think to tell a marketer about them. That’s why it’s so crucial that I can regularly stop by, hang out and get a firsthand look at what sets you apart from your competitors.

2. Action Shots

I find that one of the things social media followers respond most strongly to is fun photos of you and your staff in action. After all, your regular customers know your faces, so they dig seeing them pop up on their feeds.

Keep in mind, most of us peruse social media for fun and entertainment. And just as you like seeing your friends’ recent vacation or wedding pics, your followers like to see you doing what you do best.  But taking candid pictures is probably not your #1 priority during a busy work day. When I visit though, I can easily snap a few photos of you, your staff and your beautiful space.

3. Neighborhood Knowledge

In cities like Chicago, each neighborhood is like a unique small town with its own culture and community.  Pilsen and Wrigleyville may be separated by just 10 miles but they’re worlds apart in terms of culture. Just like you, out of all the neighborhoods in the city, I chose the Ukrainian Village area and have lived here for 8 years.

I know when all the festivals are, I participate in community events and have a real love for this neighborhood, which makes me passionate about helping its small businesses thrive. Bottom line, I can authentically reflect the character of the neighborhood you chose to do business in.

From one small, local business to another, I’d be thrilled to be a part of your journey.

Get in touch so we can get to know one another! If it’s a good fit, we’ll come up with a plan for what I can do to help you help your business succeed.


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